Playhouse - Lesvos

The iconic playhouse is an essential enclosed space for smaller children in which they can live their imagination. The wooden space offers them a sense of calmness and playfulness simultaneously. 

While the exterior wooden structure of the house draws curiosity, the interior gives more refinement, with the small table, smooth walls and pillows. To ensure a softer experience of the construction, we rounded the edges of the windows with a milling machine simultaneously decreasing the presence of sharp edges.

At the front, the fence is made to allow adults to supervise and care for the kids while still keeping a feeling of enclosure. The height of the entrance is scaled down, making it especially inviting for smaller children to enter.

To add to the liveliness of the space, the chalkboard is made of bright orange chalk paint, thus stimulating creativity as opposed to the traditional dark chalkboards. A special feature of the house is the wooden penboard, that you can push from both sides, so that the kids can invent their own games.

At the back children can enter the house from the rope ladder and enjoy getting out by an extra-wide slide that allows friends to ride off together. The house is carefully designed from start to finish to ensure that the children can play freely and safely.

Location | Lesvos, Greece
Date | April – May 2022, 3 weeks
Partner | NGO Metadrasi
Material costs | €2000
Project | Outdoor playhouse, creation of timber structures, play elements, and sandpit
Dimensions | 2.5 x 3.0 x 2 m, space for about 8 children