It is ONE‘s mission to build nurturing places for children in which they can play, feel protected and learn to love themselves

We design and construct with the following principles

Lesvos 2022 | camp Mavrovouni

Our latest project

This April we will go to the Mavrovouni camp on Lesvos, in Greece, also called Moria 2.0. Its smaller predecessor is no less notorious. There is an estimate of 250 children there, now living without any educational support or safe environment that is taking care of them. We work together again with Metadrasi, one of our trusted partners, to realise a child friendly environment. They have just placed 12 container classrooms, and we are taking care of all the space in between, to elevate it into a real nurturing environment, in which they have a real break from the traumatising camp.


May 2018 | Responsible for the funding and execution of: Design; Painting; Carpentry; Decoration

Design and Construct of a Playground. In association with the NGO One Happy Family, which runs the community center, a new playground is made. It included various insight from child psychology and education to give the children all kinds of social, physical and mental learning possibilities.

March 2019 | Responsible for the funding and execution of: Design; Painting; Carpentry; Decoration

Renovation and transformation of a library space. We worked together with the Greek NGO Metadrasi that is running the school meant for unaccompanied minors from the refugee camps on Lesvos. The room features sitting spaces, new designed bookselves, and fresh bright colours. 

May 2019 | Responsible for the funding and execution of: Design; Structure; Carpentry; Furniture; Decoration

Design and Construct of a multifunctional outdoor classroom. It creates a strong contrast with the surrounding buildings. The roof provides plenty of shade, the natural materials and plants a pleasant ambiance, and the multifunctional nature offers a wide range of play and educational activities.

June 2019 | Responsible for:the funding and execution of: Design; Flooring; Structure; Carpentry

Renovation and construction of the Nest, an educational space for small children to play and learn in a safe environment. We focused on the timber loft structure, while PiLA took responsibility for the wall and ceiling renovation and the beautiful furniture and decoration. 

Who is ONE?

Office for the New Earth (ONE) is a Design & Construct practice, based in the Netherlands. It was founded in 2022 by Michael Vrijhof, Niels Hofstee and Frans Kortmann. Touched by the devastating circumstances at the border of Greece, they decided to help out with their expertise as designers and engineers. After realizing multiple projects , it was time to establish ONE. See the contact page for more information on their backgrounds.

About ONE

Office for the New Earth (ONE) is a Design & Construct practice, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2022, acting from a non-profit basis, ONE is helping children in need. All past and current projects are covered by the ONE foundation.

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