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Outdoor Classroom for Refugee Children


Metadrasi Educational Center, Chios Refugee Camp, Greece

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One's Mission: architecture for a new earth

Our mission is to build anchors of hope in the most challenging habitats around the world.

These are our six strategic points:

build for NGO's

Design + Construct

Circular materials

Non profit

community building

Biophilic Design

Library | Lesvos

Date: March 2019 | Responsible for the funding and execution of: Design; Painting; Carpentry; Decoration

Renovation and transformation of a library space. We worked together with the Greek NGO Metadrasi that is running the school meant for unaccompanied minors from the refugee camps on Lesvos. The room features sitting spaces, new designed book selves, and fresh bright colours. 

Classroom | Chios

Date: May 2019 | Responsible for the funding and execution of: Design; Structure; Carpentry; Furniture; Decoration

Design and Construct of a multifunctional outdoor classroom on the Greek island of Chios. We worked together with the Greek NGO Metadrasi that is running the school next to the refugee camp. The iconic design creates a strong contrast with the surrounding buildings. The roof and façade provide plenty of shade, the indoor space with natural materials and plants a pleasant ambiance, and the multifunctional nature offers a wide range of play and educative activities.  

The Nest | Lesvos

Date: June 2019 | Responsible for:the funding and execution of: Design; Flooring; Structure; Carpentry

Renovation and construction of the Nest. This is an educational space for small children to play and learn in a save environment. It is run by the Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles, whom we have closely colllaborated with on the renovation. While we focused on the loft structure, they took responsibility for the wall and ceiling renovation and the beautiful furniture and decoration. Together we have come to a proud result.


Who is ONE?

Office for the New Earth (ONE) is a Design & Construct practice, based in the Netherlands. It has been found in 2020 by architectural designer Michael Vrijhof and civil engineer Niels Hofstee. Constrained within the building industry to make a real difference in the most urgent places of this day, they entered the field on a non-profit basis instead. This enabled them to reach out to the people stuck at the border of Europe in Greece throughout 2018 and 2019. After having realized multiple projects for children succesfully in collaboration with local NGO’s and the help of friends, it was time to establish ONE. 

Read their personal stories here.


About ONE

Office for the New Earth (ONE) is a Design & Construct practice, based in Delft, the Netherlands. It is founded in May, 2020 by Michaël Vrijhof (architectural designer) and Niels Hofstee (Civil engineer), elaborating on several independently realized projects in 2018 and 2019 on the Greek islands of Lesvos and Chios. Acting from the same non-profit basis, the past projects and current projects are now covered by the ONE foundation.

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