Mother earth is in a state of disrepair. We have mistreated her with our excessive usage of resources and her beautiful creations. The time has come for a change! Not a small incremental one we have seen over the past decades, like minor increases of efficiency, the of gas instead of coal, cleaning up our oceans from plastic, and many more examples. These are in itself great steps but a mere substitute for a much larger problem. No, now is the time for a revolutionary change. One with big consequences for all corners of our society. The fundamental inspiration of Office for the New Earth (ONE) is to initiate, spread, and support this big change. We do this in two ways.

Firstly, through architectural interventions in for example public spaces and humanitaire environments. These interventions are meant to inspire, to spread a sense of light and hope, and to create awareness on the problems in our society. Secondly, by sharing our vision and knowledge with the world through posters, pamphlets, posts and videos. With this we want to bring people together to form a strong united front in the forthcoming change. 


Our new world has to be shaped into a society that is fundamentally more connected, more loving, and more focused toward people. It is a transformation of our consciousness, our community and our use of resources in a sustainable way. The built environment, only a reflection of our globalized modern culture, fails systematically to address the needs regarding individual perception, living as a social collective, and creating balance with our natural environment. 

In all facets much work needs to be done. The change to a more nature inspired world where creativity is stimulated. The transformation of a strict and stagnate office culture to a more playful and fun space with focus on joy and connection. The reversal of the constantly increasing individualistic society. Innovation in harvest, fabrication, distribution and enjoyment in integrated whole ecosystems (farming, make-industry). And fundamentally the change of our build environment with biodegradable local produced materials and ecological inspired buildings.


We operate from a strong set of values.

  1. Honesty: from an open heart by being true to ourselves and others. 
  2. Connection: to live connected with our people and planet.
  3. Transformation: to change our society in a sustainable direction.