About ONE

Office for the New Earth (ONE) is a Design & Construct practice, based in the Netherlands. Touched by the devastating circumstances at the border of Greece, they decided to help out. After realizing multiple projects with great satisfaction the foundation was founded in 2022. ONE consists of a multidisciplinary team with expertise in architecture, engineer, construction, and childhood development. The team is supported by additional psychological advisors and volunteers. 

Michaël Vrijhof

Chairman | Architectural engineer

Since Michael went to Lesvos for the first time in 2018, he was destined to make a real impact in the world. Since then, he gathered his own groups of volunteers to realize multiple projects for children. With his strong spirit, he is one of the driving figures behind the foundations of ONE.

Michael  is an architectural engineer with a MSc degree from the TU Delft. He is a specialist on the psychological and physiological impact of architecture on our  well-being, mood regulation and brain development.

Niels Hofstee

Secretary | Civil Engineer

Niels likes to explore and connect with an open heart to the people around. With his passion to impact the world, he wants to make a real change to the life’s of children that need it the most. With an open heart he is one of the corner stones of ONE.

Niels is a civil engineer with a MSc degree from the TU Delft. He has worked as an engineer on a great variety of projects over the past couple of years through multiple offices. Thereby, he secures the safety and stability for all upcoming projects.

Frans Kortmann

Treasurer | Strategic advisor

Frans is always open to discuss new ideas and opportunities that can help in achieving fundamental impact in the world. With an open heart he is one of the founding stones of the organization.

Frans has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of his own company. Thereby, he makes sure Office for the New Earth is structured in an efficient way for the years to come.  

Astrid Ydema

Child Psychologist | Internal advisor

Astrid is one of the founding mothers of the organization. She helps in defining its mission and the key values that are at the very core of ONE. She has a gift for lifting up the collective awareness and thereby she opens up  an horizon of unforeseen possibilities.

Astrid has years of experience in family trauma and is specialized in the emotional perception of younger children. Further, she has often been hired as a professional mediator to dissolve internal blockages and bring the heart back into the organization.

Chloé Schwizgebel

Social media advisor

With great ambition and drive, Chloé makes sure that our cause is connected to the world throughout various platforms. With a sparkle of joy, she is creative in finding new ways of communicating and spreading awareness.

Chloé studied communication sciences and business sustainability. Besides being a yoga teacher, she works in an environmental NGO in Utrecht, specialized in recycling and circular economy. Chloé is thrilled to make even more impact through ONE.


Mees Hehenkamp

Eco-friendly builder

Quick in his creative thinking Mees, is at the forefront of creating sustainable building solutions. With great devotion, he likes to use his body as an instrument to build environments that are truly unique and straight from the heart. 

Mees studied Architecture at the TU Delft. After earning his degree, he turned his attention towards construction with natural materials. He now works at a contractor specialized in eco-friendly building. He offers valuable insight and knowledge and is eager to contribute to ONE. “Laat de buffel maar los!”


Expert builder

Pascal’s enthusiasm and expertise in construction and building is of no question. With his creative and straight forward thinking he is able to solve the most complex problems. 

Pascal completed his BSc studies of maritime engineering at the TU Delft. After which he stayed connected to the faculty by working in the towing tank as designer and builder of small-scale shipmodels. With his broad expertise in construction and building, he is eager to help ONE!

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