Niels Hofstee

Civil Engineer

Niels graduated at the TU Delft on ‘Data driven design in sustainability’ in the department of Building Engineering at Civil Engineering. Since then he worked at an IT company specialised in parametric modelling, founded his personal blog, travelled the world to gain some knowledge and perspective, and worked together with friends on realising Design & Construct projects for refugees in Greece. He is eager to continue to connect, build, and inspire with ONE.


Michaël Vrijhof

Architectural designer

After finishing the bachelors in Architecture at the TU Delft, Michaël continued his exploration in design by doing internships, and volunteering on Lesvos. In 2018, he built a playground together with refugees at the NGO One Happy Family. One year later, he decided to come back and do projects independently with the aid of friends. While deepening his knowledge in his graduation year for his Masters degree in Architecture, he is destined to continue his cause with ONE.

How to reach us?

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